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#ChildHealthDay with Dance Marathons!

Today is #ChildHealthDay and it is a great day to recognize Miracle Network Dance Marathons since many of them are planning fun activities and sharing why they dance #ForTheKids.

Dance Marathon (DM) is a movement uniting campuses and schools across the country benefitting Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals. DMs hold small fundraisers, reach out for sponsorships and go door-to-door during the school year to raise donations leading up to their main event for kids. Their main event includes students staying on their feet for many hours and concludes with having a final total raised reveal.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, a CMN hospital, benefits from five local DM programs. One of these programs, Marquette University Dance Marathon (MUDM), has been fundraising since 2011. Through their continuous effort and will power, they have set and achieved new goals each year. What started out as a small organization, with a few students and little involvement, has grown into a massive campaign.

This year’s MUDM president, Nina Enea, a nursing student in her junior year, believes wholeheartedly that in order for their organization to reach their goals, the cause must resonate throughout the campus. She has set the bar high and is aiming to achieve $150,000 in funding for this year’s event. That is an increase of more than 15% in comparison to last year’s total of nearly $130,000! Nina states, “Dance Marathon fits into Marquette’s philanthropy, because helping other people is not only translated in the classroom but also in many extracurricular activities.”

One of Nina’s goals as president is to figure out a way to spread more awareness on campus and through the Milwaukee community. One way to do this is through Greek life. Many of the sororities and fraternities encourage their members to participate and fundraise while also having fun #ForTheKids. Over the past year Greek life has contributed nearly $40,000 of the total funds and there is no doubt they will continue to engage and build stronger relationships.

Not only do MUDM want to enhance the awareness of Children’s on campus, but also throughout the community. Marquette is the only DM in Wisconsin that has branched out to a high school to implement their own DM event and help mentor students! Another goal for MUDM is to collaborate and partner with additional schools this year. Nina hopes that throughout MUDM’s multiple mini fundraisers and campaigns, more and more people will become aware, engaged and come forward in support of Children’s incredible cause!

Stay up to date with all of MUDM’s upcoming events and announcements through their social media pages:

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Save the date for Marquette’s Dance Marathon Carnival on April 25, 2020 at Marquette’s old gym starting at 10am!

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Thank you MUDM for everything that you do #ForTheKids!