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Wisconsin Costco Warehouses Recognize that Kids’ Can’t Wait

Children and their families are being affected directly and indirectly by the COVID-19 crisis. We know we can address the most challenging health issues of today while preventing and preparing for those to come. But we can’t do it alone. 

During the month of September when you’re checking out at any register at Costco, make a donation to help kids like Derell, one of our kids who has experienced mental and behavioral health issues.

When Derell Sultan was 8 years old, he had trouble focusing in school and following rules. He was repeatedly disciplined for fidgeting, tapping his pencil and talking out of turn. When he was suspended for his disruptive behavior, Derell ––frustrated by the feeling that he couldn’t do anything right –– lashed out at his teacher. His mom, Etta, was also frustrated, because she would be called into school nearly every day because of Derell’s behavior issues. “If I didn’t come and help out, they were going to suspend him again,” she said. Even worse, Derell was starting to show signs of depression as a result of his struggles at school and with his peers. “Derell didn’t know how to talk through conflicts with other kids,” said Etta. Instead of having fun playing with friends, Derell was getting bullied, feeling excluded and coming home upset.

Once Derell received the right care, his behavior transformed rapidly and so did his perspective on school. By the end of second grade, his grades improved, and he was getting along well with other kids. When asked if he has friends at school, Derell grinned and said, “Yes, plenty.” 

More than one-third of youth over 14 with mental health conditions drop out of school. Kids like Derell can’t afford waiting to get the help they need. Because of our partners, like Costco, we can get funding to create new solutions in early detection and prevention, increase access to mental and behavioral health care and reduce stigma. In 2019, Costco employees and members donated more than $375,000 for kids treated at Children’s Wisconsin! 

Visit your local Costco through September 30 and help raise funds by donating at the register to directly help kids in our community.

Thanks to our wonderful partners at Costco for helping us help kids. When we change kids’ health, we change the future – for all of us.