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Extra Life United Inaugural Hackathon

Congratulations to Jamie Studzinski, a local Extra Life participant, for being one of the top four finalists of Extra Life’s inaugural Hackathon!

Hackathon is an event where individuals and pairs work to “hack” on a key problem, new idea, or new feature. This virtual event allows the Extra Life community to shape the future of the program and raise life-saving funds for kids by sharing and creating new and innovative ideas that haven’t been explored before.

Ideas were submitted based on four criteria:

  • Extra Life Community Management
  • Charity Esport Events
  • Live Stream Fundraising Tools
  • Blue-Sky Innovation

Jamie’s idea was to create a Donation tracker and Milestone + Incentive Ticker for Live streaming. His submission aims to encourage donations in more measurable increments and empower viewers to see how close they may be to their next milestone. Learn more about the top four ideas here.

Tune in at on April 8, 2020 at noon CST to cheer on Jamie and the three other Hackathon finalists as they present videos showcasing their “big ideas” to revolutionize Extra Life’s fundraising success. The Hackathon winner will be announced during the closing ceremonies of Extra Life United on the evening of Thursday, April 9, 2020.

The winning idea will be developed and implemented to enhance the Extra Life experience with the help of experts in the gaming and non-profit industry.  Safe to say — the Hackathon winner will leave his/her legacy by influencing the future of the Extra Life experience, in turn benefitting millions of kids every year.

Good luck to Jamie, as he gets ready to virtually present his idea during Extra Life United 2020!  To learn more about how you can participate in Extra Life United visit: